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Admission help Pricing. Factors that Form the Price

Our team understands perfectly how important it may be for our customers to know in advance what the price of their order will be exactly. We work with the students and they often cannot allow themselves to spend money carelessly.

That is why our pricing policy is very clear and fair. We don’t have any hidden payments and you can check out all our prices at the Prices page. Otherwise, you can use an online calculator as well.

There is one more good piece of news for you: our service offers different discount programs that will allow you to reduce the final price of your order.

So, what will the price of your paper consist of?

  • Type of the paper

We hope that you realize that, the more difficult the task is, the more effort and time it takes from the wrier to complete it. That is why orders of different difficulty and academic levels will have a different cost. 

  • The sort of work we perform

It is also good for you to know that the final price of an order depends on what sort of services we are providing for this particular customer. For example, if you order only an essay from us, its price will be different from, let’s say, an essay with additional checks or proofreading. Please, pay attention to this when placing your order!

  • The amount of time we have

Here we are talking about the deadlines. Depending on how much time our writer has, the price of your paper may be higher or lower. Respectively, an order with a one-day deadline will cost you more than the one that needs to be completed in five days.

  • Writer’s experience

All our writers are highly experienced professionals. However, if you want (or need) your order to be assigned to someone with, let’s say, Ph.D. of Master’s Degree, then be ready to pay several times more.

  • VIP clients service

Our writing service offers a VIP status to our clients which has its special features and benefits. But, if you decide to buy this option, you will have to pay for it extra.

  • Additional options

To provide our customers with more useful tools, we offer various options like a plagiarism report, an editor’s check, a table of contents or a list of the sources used by the writer during his or her work. You can also choose a particular writer, as well as order an SMS-notifications regarding your order status, but all these services will add costs to your order’s price.